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Best of CES 2017 - 23 Winner Tech Products in Every Category

CES brought some genuine innovation we haven't seen in quite a while. Sure, wacky gadgets and pointless prototypes are all over the place , but this might be the year that many of them actually become reality. so Here are the most intriguing 23 products IN EVERY CATEGORY FROM 2017 CES show.

Best Laptop

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe

This ultra-slim laptop is only 0.5-inch thick, weighs 2.42 pounds, and just looks, well, gorgeous. The aluminum-and-glass body comes in royal blue with gray and gold accents, or in all silver and really makes a statement. sharp 13-inch laptop, a speedy Core i7 processor, and up to 1TB of solid-state storage make this ultraportable, a winner.

Best Gaming Laptop
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series

Starting at $799, the new Inspiron 15 can be equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, a full HD or 4K UHD screen, and up to 32GB of memory. Storage can be configured up to 512GB and/or a 1TB hard drive, and all of this fits into a 1 inch-thick. The Inspiron 15 7000 Series may not be the most powerful gaming system, but it's versatile and fast, with a very attractive price point.

Best Convertible Hybrid Laptop
HP EliteBook x360

The HP EliteBook x360 is a business laptop with style. the new convertible model is slim and light, but durable and secure. It's just 0.59 inches thick, but packs plenty of speed and can be configured with up to a 4K touch display. One of its killer features is the optional HP Sure View, a built-in privacy screen that can be toggled on and off with the press of a button.

Best Phone
Asus Zenfone AR

The Asus Zenfone AR is the first manageably sized smartphone to be able to run both Google's Daydream VR and Tango AR systems. Unlike the gigantic Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the first Tango device, the Zenfone AR has a sharp camera, a high-res screen, a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, and a nicely textured back.

Best Smartwatch
Mistfit Vapor

this Misfit Vapor Smartwatch truly stands out. From its comprehensive fitness tracking to its understated elegance, the Vapor is an excellent blend of form and function. Its AMOLED display is bright and colors are vibrant, and its circular touch bezel means you don't have to worry about constantly wiping greasy fingerprints off the screen. And at $199, it's also kinder to your wallet than the Apple Watch Series 2.

Best Camera
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5

this Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 is an easy pick for best in show. Panasonic has done the latest upgrade of its professional video/still hybrid Micro Four Thirds camera. it has 4K capture at up to 60fps, in-body image stabilization, programmable focus racks, and support for 10-bit capture. with quick autofocus system, quick burst rate, and rugged build.

Best Drone
PowerVision PowerRay

the PowerRay, a remote-controlled submersible with a built-in 4K video camera and a fish finder, not only allows you to capture high-resolution video of the aquatic life , but it works to improve your chances of reeling in a nice big catch.

Best Car
Faraday Future FF91

The FF91 is a self-driving automobile that runs on a 130kWh battery to deliver up to 378 miles between charges. Throw in a zero-to-60 time of just 2.39 seconds, and you have one of the most innovative automobiles ever assembled. Faraday Future is taking pre-orders for the FF91 now, along with a $5,000 deposit. The earliest the FF91 will ship is 2018 and there's no final price yet.

Best Television
LG Signature W OLED

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology can produce excellent pictures on incredibly thin panels. LG is pushing the limits of what OLED can do with the Signature W series. This TV does a way with the bezel and the body of the screen, leaving you with only a 0.1-inch-thick rectangle you can hang on your wall like a poster. All of the processing and connections are offloaded to a soundbar connected with a single ribbon cable, and that soundbar adds Dolby Atmos audio compatibility to the TV's Dolby Vision and HDR-10 video capabilities.

Best Home Theater Gear
Dish AirTV

Dish's AirTV is a simple Android TV box that focuses on Sling TV. It wouldn't be particularly impressive next to any Amazon Fire TV or Roku device. This $129.99 bundle jumps straight into Sling TV, letting you access both live TV over the subscription service and OTA television with an antenna, along with your Netflix queue on the same screen.

Best Audio Product
Lenovo Smart Assistant

The Lenovo Smart Assistant is a lot like Amazon's Echo. It looks and sounds better, and costs less. Just like the Echo, the Smart Assistant uses Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, which will answer your questions, make grocery lists, and, of course, order stuff from Amazon. The $129.99 speaker comes equipped with a 5-watt tweeter and a 10-watt woofer. An upgraded Harman Kardon Edition includes an extra 2-inch sound cavity for enhanced sound quality.

Best Gaming Gear
Innex Super Retro Boy

Innex is one of a handful of companies that focuses on helping you play your classic games , but the standout is the Super Retro Boy. This Game Boy-shaped device can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges, with a backlit color screen and 10-hour battery life.

Best AR/VR Headset
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR Headset

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 VR headset is a completely standalone product. Similar to the HTC Vive, the Qualcomm headset can actually sense when you're moving, which means you can walk around and the virtual world you see will respond accordingly .

Best Smart Home Device
Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

With the Sleep Number 360, the company has released a bed that will adapt to your body in real time. You can still manually set your ideal "number," but the 360 will also respond to your rocks and rolls, adjusting mattress firmness automatically. The bed also includes a foot warmer that turns on automatically at your usual bed time. the bed will automatically lift the head to improve air flow and dampen the noise of snoring. all of this can be controlled via an app, and the mattress also supports Nest and IFTTT integrations.

Best Smart Appliance
LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator

The LG Smart InstaView features a 29-inch touch screen on its upper right door on which you can browse recipes and leave notes for family members. There are cameras that take photos of your food, and connect with an app so you can see what's inside wherever you are. The coolest part, and what sets it apart from Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator, is that it uses Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, so you can ask it to play music, report the news or weather, and a perform a host of other tricks.

Best Fitness Wearable
Motiv Ring

 For starters, it measures the same metrics that larger, wrist-based fitness trackers do: steps, heart rate, calories burned, sleep, distance traveled, and activity types. It's also waterproof up to 160 feet, so you can wear it in the pool or while washing dishes. Plus, its clever charging port means you don't have to lug around yet another cable. If the Motiv Ring proves to be as accurate as the best wrist-based models, it could bring fitness tracking to a whole new level—your finger. —VS

Best Desktop
HP Sprout Pro

HP's new Sprout Pro is undoubtedly the coolest desktop at CES this year. It projects a 21.3-inch full HD digital matt down onto the desk.  the new Sprout can now perform 2D and 3D scanning, by taking a real object and turning it into a 3D model in seconds after you rotate it in view of the cameras. You can enhance the digital version further by snapping some HD pictures of each side, making the digital textures much higher-resolution than the scan. It's a fast, easy process, and the implications across multiple fields like education and medicine could be tremendous. It also functions as a standard desktop, and the camera is relatively innocuous considering its capabilities. —MB

Best Display
Dell Canvas

Dell's Canvas is a horizontal Surface Studio-like device with a few key differences. It has no PC hardware of its own, which greatly reduces the cost (around $1,799). Instead, it connects to an existing PC and monitor, serving as a second input-focused screen. The 27-inch display is a cool, natural evolution of an artist's analog workspace, complete with a tool called the Totem that allows for physical control of the digital UI by placing it on the screen.  it looks sharp With QHD resolution.

Best Networking Product
Linksys Velop

Products like Eero, Google Wifi, Luma, and many others fit the same profile: Slick design, easy app-enabled setup and use, minimal configuration options. And the Linksys Velop follows it. Networking vet Linksys  brings a top-notch app with well designed, future-proof hardware that delivers the fastest single stream and MU-MIMO throughput speeds.

Best Toy
Lego Boost

Lego Mindstorms is one of our favorite robotics kits, but it's pretty complicated and expensive. Lego Boost is just over half the price of Mindstorms, and its Move Hub brick lets you program it with a mobile device to do almost anything. Thanks to sensors, motors, and basing all of the processing around your tablet instead of the Move Hub itself, you can build a car, a cat, a guitar, or even a Lego-building 3D printer.

Best Robot

Kuri from Mayfield Robotics has personality in spades. From its intergalactic space penguin , to its adorable chirps, bleeps, and bloops, Kuri is one of the first personal assistant robots to evoke the same emotional response as beloved fictional characters like BB-8 and Wall-E. Kuri is able to navigate past obstacles, read bedtime stories, play your favorite tunes or podcasts, patrol your home costing upto 700$ 

Best New Technology

There are times when a second pair of eyes could be useful. That is what Aira delivers. By using either Google Glass or Vuzix glasses and a Wi-Fi hotspot, Aira allows the blind to show an agent what they are seeing. Agents get a live video picture along with Google map data. This can help a visually impaired person navigate a crowded intersection, or just choose between brands at the grocery store. Agents are on call 12 hours a day, and charges start at under 40 cents per minute. Aira is basically vision-as-a-service, and perhaps even more remarkable, a Google Glass application people will actually use. 

Best Concept/Prototype
Razer Project Valerie

While this three-screen, 12K laptop may not ever end up as a consumer product, it's still one of the most talked-about and ambitious concepts this year. Two 4K displays spread out like wings from the main screen, and fold into the extra room behind the primary display when not in use. Project Valerie is able to run a game at full resolution across the three screens, which is a pretty amazing feat.

Still, it looks completely outrageous, and may stay the stuff of dreams forever, but isn't dreaming big what CES is all about ??!!!


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