Friday, 11 November 2011

Nokia kinetic OLED bendable phone (flexible)

Nokia has shown us a truly incredible prototype in the form of its Nokia Kinetic bendable handset. Letting you fully control the phone by twisting and bending its chassis, this could be the most amazing prototype.
Nokia unveiled an OLED smart phone that is controlled by flexing the device with both hands. By bending corners and pushing sides inward and outward.

Built using flexible plastics, the Nokia Kinetic handset can be easily bent past the limits of any traditional phone, without causing damage to the chassis or screen. As well as making it one of the toughest smartphones around, it also delivers the most unique usability we’ve seen to date.
By twisting the Nokia Kinetic’s flexible chassis, you can scroll through your images and music without needing to touch the screen. Once you’ve found the photo or song you want, you can then stop twisting and bend the phone in the middle, to instantly open your photo onscreen or start the song playing.
With the song playing, you can then twist the handset again to turn the volume up or down, without ever needing to interact with the screen. The possibilities are fantastic, as you could easily leave the phone in your pocket and still control your multimedia files without even taking it out to view the display.

As the video suggest you can Twist forward to scroll through files and the twisting action controls the speed. The more you twist, the faster you scroll. Go too far and you simply twist back slowly until the file or contact you want is highlighted then, bend to action, or open the item on the menu. If your phone rings, simply hold it to your ear and squeeze to answer. What the use of this function when you can just touch and answer a call? Imagine, that you are in a cold country like Russia where your hands are always gloves covered at that time the touchscreen won’t work at that time just squeeze your phone and answer your call. The intention of this feature is not to replace the touchscreen, but it is multi-modal you can use anyone you want.
It also has a build in security function which would make the phone work when it recognizes your grip. By bending, twisting and touching the screen. You can perform one, two, three, possibly four actions simultaneously.
The applications for this type of gadget are limitless. It will be very easy to fit these devices into the curve of a car dashboard, for example. And the total lack of buttons will make it simple to waterproof these devices. It would make the devices like Kinetic will fit in your pocket perfectly because they will mould to your shape.


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