Tuesday, 9 August 2011

bracelet phones

If she does not wear any purse the only place where she can keep her cell phone is in her hands. Not a very good perspective, huh?

What should we do? Change the cell phone itself. The new concept of bracelet cell phones has been created. The gadget would have a shape of a bracelet and you would ware it as a bracelet when you don't need it. As soon as you get a phone call you can take it off and talk.

Very many people would like the idea but there are some bumps on the road for this thing to appear. First of all there are not enough costumers that would buy these cell phones. Then goes shape and size; bracelet size is enough for the phone functions but you will not able to stick anything else into its body.

Bracelet cell phone is a concept devise and like all the concept devices it has approximately no chances of appearing. However, maybe something that would look alike will appear on the market.

Although it’s winter, we’ve seen many concept phones that can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, preferably in warm weather… Here’s one of the oldest phone designs of the YouTube-era web, the BenQ Siemens concept phone, known as “Snake”, at least unofficially.
Notice the presence of media playback buttons, the usual answer/reject call keys and even a tiny display, perhaps for showing the time and missed calls.

The shape of the device is very interesting, although the handset seems rather fragile and from what I can see, its speakers are on the inside section. What do you say? Viable or dreamy?


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