Thursday, 16 February 2017

Apple announced WWDC 2017 from June 5th - 9th ( 44 Expected iOS 11 Wish - List Features )

Apple has announced WWDC 2017 officially from June 5th to 9th, with a big change from previous years. The conference will be held in San Jose with a main keynote around 10am PST, which will be available to watch online through the Apple developer website. 

The Apple iOS 11 software update is expected to be previewed at WWDC followed by a public roll-out in September. There has been speculation about the upcoming iOS 11 features, many of which have been highly anticipated for a while now. Here is a breakdown of the 44 much Expected Features :
    • Redesign (Home screen)
    • More animated icons

    • Custom fonts
    • Dark night mode

    • Volume HUD in the status bar
    • Split screen multitasking

    • Picture in picture video
    • Passcode protection for individual apps

    • Easy command mode for one handed
    • Low power mode & data toggles to control center

    • Complete control over toggles (Allow to place more)
    • 1 page control center
    • More 3d touch control toggles in control center

    • Rename bluetooth devices

    • Number row in keyboard

    • Default apps
    • Add more new wallpapers

    • Clear app caches
    • 'Clear all' app switcher with 1 click

    • GIF support in photos
    • Change camera settings/resolutions within the app

    • 'Slide to unlock' option

    • Faster animations
    • More siri improvements

    • Basic f/ns & settings to change in offline mode
    • Remove or raise LTE download limit
    • Improved notifications 'by app' not only by time(expand & collapse)

    • Customize & place apps anywhere on home screen
    • Organize app usage 'by MB' not name

    • Allow hard data limits
    • Copy/paste clipboard

    • Lower the back button for larger phones
    • 4 way facetime group chat & video calls

    • Raw photos support
    • Handoff for apple music (continue actions where you left off )
    • Single app drawer for more apps

    • True bluetooth for file transfer (from ios to android/pc)

    • NFC api open to developers
    • Screen recording
    • New Video-Sharing App

    • New Contacts Features
    • Voicemail Transcription Improvements

    • Indoor Mapping Data
    • Multiple Users / Guest Mode


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