Thursday, 8 December 2011

Samsung AMOLED flexible 3D display

Samsung has already talked about potentially releasing a flexible display for mobile phones in 2012.
At technology shows, the Korean company has also demonstrated flexible screens just 0.3mm thick.

Samsung's transparent, flexible AMOLED screen isn't as wacky as it seems - the company has already promised that it will ship flexible AMOLED devices in 2012, starting with mobile phones.

This is where it all starts to get a little far-fetched - the screen seems to be able to 'throw' a holographic 3D image so solid it looks like you could touch it. Glasses, free 3D does exist - but it doesn't look like this

The screen has the functions of a high-end tablet computer  and appears to be able to translate instantly from French into Korean.

Samsung originally showed off their flexible AMOLED tech at CES 2011 with the 4.5-inch displays.its latest video demo shows off truly out-there technology - a 'tablet of the future' that offers instant translation, video, and a level of 3D.

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