Monday, 8 August 2011

Paper origami cell phone

We’re talking about tomorrow’s technology. So what can we expect from the future when it comes to cell phone technology? Well, to say that I know would be to full on lie straight in your face, but also, it would be quite insane to say that we need to expect it to be all hardware technology that we have already seen, but a little bit reworked. As a matter of fact, the future might hold something way more cool. If you ask concept designer Chengyuan Wei, the answer will be “paper” and “origami” in the same sentence as a cell phone.

I agree that it’s quite weird, but after watching what he has come up with, I totally see the use for it. All of those cheap cell phones with cash cards in them don’t have to be hardware anymore. They are used sparsely anyway, and for the people who are just looking to buy a phone to use while visiting a different country for a little while longer than a vacation, the need for a full on cell phone is kind of to overdo it a little bit. Therefore, the paper origami cell phone is the perfect disposable cell phone. Once you don’t need it anymore, you can just rip it up, and you’re good to go. No one can use it anymore. Now that I just wrote that, it seems the whole world is going disposable… is that even a good thing?


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