Monday, 8 August 2011

Waterproof iPod Case

A Frontgate exclusive, the innovative Waterproof iPod Case protects your media and ensures you'll get a rich sound anywhere you travel. It's designed to be completely portable — just slip your iPod into the waterproof, sealed compartment, close it up, and you're ready to take your entertainment on the go.
More pioneering benefits:
  • Lightweight, high-powered sound system
  • Protective rubber bumper guards
  • Adjustable wrist and shoulder straps
  • Included shower mount
  • Shock-absorbing compartment to protect against accidental falls
  • Crystal-clear iPod compartment for optimal video viewing that doesn't cloud up
  • 30 hours of playing time when fully charged
  • Ability to share music with friends anywhere, no matter what the weather conditions.


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